Ascento Capital prides itself on providing excellent work for our clients. A key source of referrals for Ascento Capital are past clients we have advised on successful transactions.
Brian Jurutka.jpg

Brian Jurutka, President and CEO
The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC))

Annapolis, Maryland

I worked with Ben on a second transaction together, NIC's acquisition of senior living industry market analytics platform VisionLTC. Ben Boissevain was instrumental in the success of NIC’s acquisition of VisionLTC. Mr. Boissevain’s senior level connections in the tech sector, decades of experience in M&A, and his background in corporate law, all contributed to a successful transaction.

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Allie Sutton, Co-Founder / CEO

New York, New York

Ben Boissevain, Managing Partner at Ascento Capital, did an awesome job working with us on selling our company We had interest from a bunch of successful companies and decided that Nylas was the best strategic fit. Ben was dedicated, responsive and professional throughout the successful sales process. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone considering an exit for their company.


Scott Richmond, Chief Executive Officer


New York, New York

Ben Boissevain assisted with the sale of Bookstr, a digital media company. Ben did an incredible job finding acquisition partners globally. He offered brilliant advice on the pros and cons of different possibilities. Ben was professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with Ben.

Nicholas Vossburg.jpg

Nicholas Vossburg, CEO
Raleigh, North Carolina

Ben led the sale of my cloud company bringing enormous professionalism and real expertise in pitching our business to potential acquirers. The final result was a smooth, successful transaction. I would strongly recommend to any tech firm looking to exit that they should consider Ben as their M&A partner.

Dinesh Jain.jpg

Dinesh Jain, Chief Financial Officer
Firstsource Solutions Ltd. (NSE: FSL)
London, England

Ben Boissevain was very helpful in the $330M acquisition of MedAssist, providing assistance with identifying the target and negotiating and structuring the transaction. His experience and expertise in guiding us through the transaction process were extremely valuable and I would happily recommend Ben to others.

Gil Friedlander.jpg

Gil Friedlander, CEO


Tel Aviv, Israel

I worked closely with Ben Boissevain, who represented my company Crowdx on its sale to Cellwize. He was strong in advising on the technical aspects of the terms and conditions, which was invaluable in negotiating and closing the transaction. I would highly recommend Ben to others in need of a sophisticated investment banker.

Brian Jurutka.jpg

Brian Jurutka, Senior Vice President
comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR)
Washington D.C.

I worked with Ben on a proposed transaction. He was strong in managing expectations regarding timeline and process. Ben also helped craft a value proposition to prospective buyers that resonated. His experience and expertise in guiding us through the transaction process were valuable and I would happily recommend Ben to others.

Steve Brotman.jpg

Steve Brotman, Managing Partner
Alpha Venture Partners
New York, New York

We work with a lot of closely held institutionally and founder majority owned companies. Ben has served our companies a number of times, and has delivered every time. He and his team have a high level of integrity, a trait that is sorely missing among many bankers. I'd use him again for sure.

Ahmed Refky.jpg

Ahmed Refky, Senior Vice President
Xceed, Telecom Egypt (ETEL.CA)
Cairo, Egypt

I worked with Ben on a large global project which gave me an opportunity to interact in person on a daily basis with him and to witness first hand his collaborative approach and effective communication skills, next to a high level of enthusiasm. He is a person that gets things done with a vision and a long term strategy while taking into consideration any changes that may occur along the way. I highly recommend Ben, and I look forward to working with him again on future projects

Noboru Nakatani.jpg

Noboru Nakatani, President & CEO
JASTEC Co., Ltd. (TYO: 9717)
Tokyo, Japan 

Ben is an international business person of exceptional talent, drive and ability. I worked with Ben in a cross-border acquisition project at Jastec International, Inc. I found Ben to be very bright, enthusiastic and honest. He always gave us excellent advices considering the best benefit of my company. It is always a pleasure to work with Ben.