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6/4/20 Ben Boissevain Judges at the 12th Annual International M&A Awards

Ben Boissevain will be honored to judge transactions for the 12th Annual International M&A Awards, which will recognize the leading international M&A Transactions, Restructurings, and Financings; products and services used internationally; and firms and professionals who are active internationally. The Awards will be presented at the exclusive Gala Ceremony event, held during the 2020 Global Corporate Growth Summit on June 4th in New York, NY. 

3/10/20 Ben Boissevain Leads Webinar with Sharevault: Demystifying Tech M&A Valuation

Valuation is the most important part of every tech transaction, the key component in determining the net proceeds to shareholders when a transaction closes. Yet the actual process of valuation is not well understood. This webinar with Sharevault will discuss the valuation of companies such as WeWork, which had a $47 billion valuation in January 2019 in a private round which decreased dramatically to $8 billion in the Softbank bailout in October 2019. 

1/31/20 Ben Boissevain Participates as Panelist at Technology Capital Forum

Ben Boissevain spoke at The Technology Capital Forum, which provides an

opportunity to meet capital providers and businesses seeking capital, and to hear a

panel of industry experts discuss financing alternatives for technology transfer companies.

11/20/19 Ben Boissevain Mentors FinTech Startups at Finance Forward at PayPal

Village Capital in collaboration with MetLife Foundation and PayPal launched "Finance Forward", a global initiative focused on financial health hosted at PayPal. Ben Boissevain was a mentor at Exit Strategy Part II to help teams better understand how to articulate an exit strategy that aligns with their goals as a founder and gives investors a believable indication of how they will get a return on their investment.

9/19/19 Ben Boissevain Judges at the 18th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

Ben Boissevain was honored to judge the 18th Annual M&A Advisor Awards – the benchmark for dealmaking excellence - which recognized the leading M&A Transactions, Restructurings, Deal Financings, Product/ Services, Firms, and Professionals. The 18th Annual M&A Advisor Awards winners will be revealed and celebrated at the Gala Ceremony event held on November 19th in New York.

2/8/19 The Information: How the Crypto Boom changed the Mindset of Investors - Quoted

Meanwhile, the drop in valuations has made some cashed-up companies think more about acquisitions, according to Ben Boissevain, an investment banker at Ascento Capital. Kraken, one of the more successful U.S.-based exchanges, said this week it was on the cusp of raising a $100 million “war chest” that it will put largely toward M&A. Other established players such as Coinbase have continued to acquire companies even as the slump persists.

12/14/18 200% Growth in Blockchain Sector Financing and M&A Activity - Article

Total Blockchain and Crypto related deals have surged more than 200% at an annualized rate this year (PitchBook). 115 deals involving cryptocurrency or blockchain had been announced, on pace to hit 145 by the end of 2018.

11/6/18 M&A Advisor Summit: The Future of Finance in Blockchain - Moderator

Ben Boissevain moderated the panel at 2018 M&A ADVISORS SUMMIT on Blockchain in Finance

held at the New York Athletic Club in New York City. The panel focused on the practical uses of

blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin.

7/18/18 Understanding Working Capital - Article

Parties arrive at a purchase price by multiplying the target company’s revenue or EBITDA. While this is generally true, a buyer will also typically require a minimum amount of “working capital” on the balance sheet when the deal closes.

6/27/18 A Practical Guide to the Intricacies of M&A Valuation of Tech Companies - Article

The theoretical metrics of company valuations are well known. Then how does this theoretical valuation model account for Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion.

4/10/18 Crain's New York: Prepping for the 2018 Tech M&A Cycle - Quotes

"A lot of cash is coming back on shore—as much as $1.5 trillion,” notes Ben Boissevain, Managing Director of Ascento Capital, an M&A advisory and consulting firm. “And a portion of that will certainly go into M&A.”

5/9/17 ACG: M&A Landscape - Diving into Four Hot Sectors - Panelist

Ben Boissevain was a panelist discussing M&A in 2017 in four of the hot sectors:

environmental services, financial services, retail/consumer and technology.

11/9/16 CoInvent Pulse Festival: Selling your Company: An M&A Primer - Panelist

Ben Boissevain was a panelist at CoInvent Pulse, is a business & technology festival featuring 150 exhibitors and an array of business workshops.  It's estimated to be one of the largest technology gatherings with thousands of attendees.