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Ascento Capital has extensive, global, senior level connections in the tech sector to an array of tech companies, private equity firms, and venture capital funds.

Senior Level Connections in the Tech Sector

The team at Ascento Capital has extensive corporate finance experience at firms such as White & Case, Barclays Bank, Advocate Re, Tiger Risk, Philips and Samsung.

Extensive Corporate Finance Experience

As a boutique investment bank, Ascento Capital can charge reasonable prices and provide  professional and efficient service to our clients.

Reasonable Prices and Efficient Service

We do in-depth research for every client on potential Targets, looking at adjacent sectors and international Targets in addition to the obvious domestic Targets.

In-depth Research

We have extensive international connections to acquirers that pay more for US-based companies and have represented companies in, among other countries, Israel, France, Germany, Japan and India. 

International Connections and Perspective